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A key part of the mission of the St. Helena Farmers' Market is to empower our community with knowledge to buy, cook and eat good food.  During our monthly Lecture Series, passionate teachers share their stories, skills and knowledge.  Market shoppers will learn from Farmers, Winemakers, Ranchers, Skilled Gardeners, Beekeepers, Crafters and Chefs.


If you are interested in doing a lecture please contact Gayle Davies Market Educator at

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Next Lecture: September 29th: "Native Pollinator Plants"

10.30 a.m.: Henni Cohen, President, California Native Plant Society

Generously sponsored by Louis M. Martini Winery

2022 Lecture Series

We are very grateful to the following who hosted Lectures in 2022:

May 13: “Habitat Gardening for Pollinators with Native Plants”, Henni Cohen, California Native Plants Society – Napa Chapter

Jun 10: “Blue Zones – Live Longer Better”Blue Zones – Upper Napa Valley

Jul 22: Erin Arnsteen, "Native Bees", Co Founder of the Western Monarch Society of Napa County

Aug 12: Ryley Schlachter, Garden Manager, The Charter Oak

Sep 9: Lauren Muscatine, Napa County Seed Library

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