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June is for Summer Scents

Growing a Knowing Nose

Check out's interactive activity on the interaction of smell and taste

Why Certain Plants Have Evolved to Produce Certain Scents

When it comes to plant aromas, we tend to forget that we, as humans, are not the target audience, and these odors were not designed with us in mind—we are really passive spectators to a show that luckily most of us happen to enjoy.”  Here's a very interesting article about why certain plants have evolved to produce certain scents.

Past Topics of Interest


How Can We Help Bees This Time of Year?

Learn more about Beesponsible gardening

Where Do Bees Go In Winter?

What happens to bees when the weather grows cold?  Find out here!

Fall is the Perfect Time for Bird Watching

With our state's largest river and abundance of wetlands, Yolo County makes for a nearby favorite spot for bird watching

Let's Learn About The Greatness of Bats!

General Information Video

Napa County Master Gardeners blog on bats

Pallid Bat Lives in Napa County

Quick Bat Facts for Kids

Generously sponsored by Louis M. Martini Winery

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