Our Mission is Education for All Ages

For Kids 

Outside: Families can do this Scavenger Hunt together, that was done by Young School students under the Oaks at Crane Park. Find an area to explore with a few oak trees and take on this acorn challenge!

At the Craft Table

pine cone owlAcorn Crafts: Collect fallen acorns and glitter the caps. Add a touch of hot glue and some baker’s twine to the cap for a magical ornament. 

Pine Cone Owl with Acorn Cap eyes.

Corn Husk Dolls: Use the dry husks of your decorative “Indian Corn” with fresh corn being over for the season. Make your doll with a dress or pants.CornHuskDolls edited 


For Community

In the Kitchen

pumpkin corn chowderUse the corn kernels you froze from corn season for this Pumpkin Corn Chowder.

Get really daring for the Autumn Holidays, and test your baking skills on a Pumpkin Soufflé.

At the Craft Table PumpkinVase

Make further use of your decorative pumpkins.

Acorn Crafts!

Help your children at school or at home make these adorable necklaces.

And Spice Pomander Acorns.

 In the Neighborhood and with our support - The Food of Love Teen Cooking Program

 Check out this mini-documentary about the Food of Love Teen’s Cooking Program, made by Pacific Union College Film students.img 0703 1

 The Food of Love is always open to new teens interested in cooking and making a difference. Teens can join in on this cooking project of The St. Helena Hospital and Napa Valley Youth Advocacy community group, after school on Tuesdays and during the summer to help "Food of Love" cook for St. Helena Hospital's cancer patients. Teen Volunteers are needed for set-up and cooking from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. and with clean-up from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. If interest in volunteering contact Tom Amato:  If any kids or families are interested in donating fruits/veggies for this program, or have fruits/veggies that can be gleaned by volunteers, please contact Amanda Tuttle, Market Educator. Teens just may find Market Educator Amanda Tuttle there, helping with the cooking and teaching and Market Manager Ed Smith, who often wraps up for the evening with clean up.  


Community Outreach

Sample of 2015 Educational Programs completed at the Market or in the Classroom.

Upcoming in December: “The Gift of Gourds.” Working with Art and Sciences Teacher Stephanie Zuntz, Amanda will present a variety of gourds, and gourds as tools, instruments and art, to Pathway Students. The kids will then turn their gourds into adorable snowmen.

October: “Oaks and Acorns” with students from The Young School, in Crane Park’s Oak Grove. This program is a blend of nature connection, storytelling, an informative slide show, and hands-on stations where kids will crack, shell, winnow, and grind acorn into flour and taste acorn biscuits. Led by Market Educator, (and Nature Mentor) Amanda Tuttle.

ColorMeHealthySeptember-October 2015: “Color Me Healthy”.Classrooms from St. Helena's Elementary and Catholic Schools shopped the market. Students were on “color teams” where they shopped for green, red, orange/yellow, purple/blue and brown/white and brought back a beautiful array of fruits and vegetables to the “Harvest Color Wheel.” The teams then shared the health benefits of their color with the Classes, Teachers, Parents and Market Educator, Amanda.

May 2015: "A Bee in the Hive Community".Our Market Beekeeper, Jim Foster, Meadowmont Farm  brought his viewing hive and taught S.H. Catholic School Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders about the lives and BeeMasterClassroommany jobs of different bees in the hive.

January 2015: "Oaks and Acorns with the First People," with Fourth Grade Classrooms at St. Helena Elementary. This program was a blend of nature connection in an oak grove, storytelling, an informative slide show, and hands-on stations where kids pounded acorn into flour and made acorn biscuits.

 And in favorite things, we have listed:

 Local Chefs/Food Writers recently featured in the market's Book-Signing Program

Websites that will give you food for thought!

And for the "Movie Buffs", take a trip down memory lane and watch one of the great movies shown at past market "Movie Fundraisers".